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Choose your element


SO/Auckland offers five unique choices of themed accommodation

with a different layout and decor, inspired by Auckland's volcanic origin.


What's your element?



Opulent tones of black and gold draw you into the element of solid.

Reflected in artworks and colour palette, this beautifully designed space exudes confidence with its modern aesthetics.



The fiery walls cocoon you into the mystical space of glowing liquid.

Artworks and warm-toned hues of colour create an illusion of being surrounded by molten lava.



This open plan space is framed with stonewall tiles inviting you to escape into a volcanic mist.

Touches of pink hue are sprinkled across the room on artworks, wallpaper and cushions making

this the perfect space for escapism and relaxation.



The luxurious tones of gold and turquoise transcend you into this volcanic oasis.

As you immerse yourself within the subtle hues of emerald blue designs,

find yourself slipping away from reality and entering a realm of peacefulness.

Enriched with avant-garde pieces, tailor-made by SO’s signature designer, WORLD,

you will experience a grandeur escape in the lap of luxury.



Enter a space filled with creative aesthetics and tailor-made artistic pieces.  Curated with lavish innovative furniture, harmonized in warm and cool hues

that fully embody the energetic level of lava exposure.Carry yourself over to a place where the moon bleeds into the sun and the sky draws crimson red over

the harbour in the privacy of your own balcony.

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