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Gaia Earth Ritual

Renew depleted energy levels and boost your immunity this winter.

Invigorating body brushing, gently exfoliates the skin, clearing stagnant lymph and toxins.

A warm mineral-rich immune boosting mask is applied to the body before being cocooned in a wrap.

After showering, surrender your senses to the ambient warmth and healing energy of a Volcanic stone massage with an energizing massage blend of grapefruit and lemon.


Complete your journey in the comfort of our Serenity lounge with a Mama’s craft kombucha.

Love your tum, your gastrointestinal system houses 70% of your immune system eliminating nasty pathogens. Kombucha contains pro-biotics and promotes healthy digestive flora, supporting your body’s natural defences this winter.

SO/SPA wants you to live your best possible life with a take-home gift and Naturopathic wisdom to boost your immunity this winter.

120min | $250


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